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One thing about putting systems in our cars... the rattles. Most of the rattle comes from the trunk lid and the license plate.

If you open your trunk up you'll notice the trunk is 2 peices that are welded together. You have the outer metal and the inner support(with the holes so you can touch the inside of the outer metal). The majority of the rattles come where the inner metal and the outer metal are close to each other.
Take your preferred material(dynamat... test with cardboard even) and push it between that space. You may have to separate the two peices from each other a little bit to push the material through. Be careful not to bend, crinkle, or dent the outer metal. Once you get the material in, turn the subs on and listen.
I have two Coustic Carbon Fiber 12" running off of a 1200w amp and this has taken most of the rattles away. I also put dynamat on the back side of my license plate. Check your jack and spare for rattling too.
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