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Struts - How often do you replace?

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So I still have my factory struts, and everything I have ever read says to replace them by like 60-70k miles or so. Well I have about 137k now on my 06 GT. They still feel pretty good, but I am sure new ones would be better. I have always been all about upgrading when you replace a part. This is just my daily driver that I put a few thousand miles a month on so I am not going crazy here.

Well anyway, how long have others seen factory ones last?

I am looking at replacing them with the KYB GR-2s, anyone think I should go with anything different? They seem affordable and maybe a little better than stock? I like 'em sporty, but don't want a harsh ride.

Thanks everyone!!
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That is a really long time for struts. Another option is Sensen struts which are around $160 for a set of four struts.
I just did my struts/shocks. Mine were on for 370,000km. I put 1.5 inch lowering shocks on and love how it feels.
Is that right? Like 230k miles? Wow I thought mine lasted a long time.

Anyways, the more I read, sounds like the KYB ones are great for what I am looking for. I thought about lowering it, but I really don't want to have a lot more harsh ride if I can avoid it. The Eibach struts sound great, but I don't feel like dropping $600+ on just struts. I can get the KYB ones for around $200 for all 4.
Yes, like 230 miles. I was shocked too!! I have KYB struts and the feel great. I forget what kind of springs I have, but I don't notice them being much stiffer. The only thing I noticed is that they are a little bit bouncy in the rear. $200 is a great price though. I wouldn't pass them up. Good luck.
Awesome, I ended up getting the KYB GR2s along with the H&R springs. Should have them in a week or so.

Anyone ever need to replace the mounts as well?
I replaced mine. I bought them just in case and planned to bring them back if the old ones were still good. They ended up being pretty torn up. I think it is recommended that you do replace them. Wouldn't want troubles and have to take the struts off all over again.
if you u slam your car, struts will blow in 1 day, i gave up on buying them, i just ride with blown struts- feels normal to me by now!
I'm still rolling with my stock OEM struts and springs! :)
Hello guys I still with my factory struts but i will like to change then for a good ones that will resist a lot of bumps. Where can i find a good set of 4?
Thanks =)
^ best bang for the buck
or you could run the tibby kyb's little stiffer then the elantra ones.
My wifes 04/gls has 120+ (mostly highway) miles on them when we sold it.
No leaks, no bouncing, no uneven tire wear. Never even had to do a wheel alignment either.
I think they last a LOT longer than we give them credit for or expect them to.
I also think her car was a weds car for sure!
What are some good shocks for a smoother ride? I'm not interested in zooming around corners.
My car has the original factory struts on it with 163,000 miles. Feels good still but I am going to replace them soon. I want to ask the same question as the guy above. What are the best struts for a smoother ride? I am looking at three brands but maybe there are better brands out there. I am looking at KYB, Gabriel, and Sensen. Or maybe Monroe? Here is another area I have absolutely no experience in so any help, advice, suggestions would be appreciated.
There is no time limit for struts unless there are oil leaks or malfunction. I replaced my first strut after 320,000 miles and another one after 330,000 miles, both in the rear. Front ones still seem to be O.K.
320xxx miles... yea, the mite seem fine but I highly doubt they are. Especially the top mounts, the rubber is probably shot.
Anyhow, uve heard sensen are junk, Gabriels arent much better. Kyb is the best bang for the buck, and monroe oespectrum are pretty good but for the price I would get the kyb. My plan is tiburon kyb struts with either B&G or H&R springs and all new top mounts. About 500 bucks and it'll handle like a dream
boostcreep: You scared me. O.K. I will check the front struts next week and let you know what they look like.
I would say if you can spare it, get the monroe quick strutd. New springs up front is a good idea at that mileage and easy install vs having to compress the springs. Back springs are probably fine, and they dont come into play as much if they snap vs a front strut spring
I have replaced mine every 60k. So far have had 2 sets of OEM hyundai and my current set of Sensen. All have been about the same wear and tear. At 60k the gas charged struts start to lose the ability to dampen correctly as the seals start to wear. Sure they will last into the 300k mile range but they are not as effective as damping road imperfections. Add in worn bushings and steering gear and they all will contribute to a less than optimal handling experience.
Why did you change them so often? Did your car bounce badly? Did you replace the springs, too? How are the Sensen struts doing?
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