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SuperGLS tears up the track!

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Well, not really. But there is some footage of me driving around Summit Point Raceway in this clip. Back in those days I was sporting a super aerodynamic Astrel bodykit! Some of the older members might notice Elantra2.001's Elantra and Snowman's Elantra as well (at least I'm pretty sure that was Snowman's, one of the KORE guys, ahhh, the old days).

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Did you just find a whole stash of old EXD stuff? Ah, memories.
Trying to organize some of the stuff that was FTP'd before I was in charge and from when I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

and some people are STILL trying to figure this out...

If you click through to my YouTube page (or the ElantraXD YouTube page) you'll see some more Elantra track action as well. Join the EXD group while you are there.

This is COOOL, the final turn would've been nice to watch. Did you ever time your lap? how was it?
No, this was an event where you paid $20 and you got 4-5 laps around the track but every set of 8-10 cars was behind a "pace" car of sorts that wouldn't really let people open it up. In order to go as fast as you wanted it was a lot more money so none of us Elantra guys did that. I've driven another section of the track in a new A4 for an Audi event and we got to open it up a bit more which was pretty cool.

i like the F&F music the
Hahaha, hard to think that that song is already over 6 years old!

Looks like in 2010 they'll only be doing the "Hyperdrive" which is $40. You get a classroom session and then an instructor rides in your passenger seat and gives you advice when you are on the track.

And here's a driver's look from in the car of the track I was on. The footage from above is corners 5-8.

I kept running into curbs newb style.

1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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