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Suspension reccomendations...

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I've heard a lot about various companies, goods and bads about each. I'm looking into getting a pretty decent drop on my '05 elantra. I put some 17" Falkens on my car about a year and a half ago and hate that gap between the tire and the well. Springtech, H&R, Eibach, dropzone, Sprint... what do you guys reccomend? :bowdown: Thanks mEEKs
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H&R struts, and some springtechs if u want a good drop. i have tanabe's which are the same as springtechs, or more. and im happy with it.
I have 05 and have springtech~ LOVE it.. well.. some people think it is too much drop.. but I like the look of springtech... I had H&R.. but I wasn't happy with the drop cause I wanted car to be more lower...
SICK!!! yah I have been looking at the h&r and eibach but I didn't think it would be a low enough drop to fill the gap. springtech looks like a good idea but where can I get them? Ebay doesn't have them right now from my searching...
how much do you want to spend? because if you are willing to go all the way w/ your suspension you could look into coilovers Tein/Ksport/ etc.
all the people I have talked to say they hated their coilovers... so I think I'm just gonna stick to the drop springs looking to spend no more than $400 with installation hopefully less!!!
you didn't talk to me, i loved mine, and $400 is outrageous cause you can do it yourself with no problems its really easy and we have DIY's on it. but you'll have to get new struts too because the stockers aren't gonna last with lowering springs for too long
kyg gr2 struts = 200$ +-
spring can vary in price depending on which ones u buy, and if u get them new or used.

i got my tanabe springs for 100 bucks used..

so 300 bucks, for that is mad cheap, plus i did the work with a fellow member.
H&R struts, and some springtechs if u want a good drop. i have tanabe's which are the same as springtechs, or more. and im happy with it.

H&R struts???

And Pete those birds are just freakin me out man.
anyone know where I can pick up some springtech springs from? ebay doesn't have it and I did some searching on the internet and came up empty handed...
KYB HR2 struts for the Tib fit perfectly (well, you have to reverse the sides for the back if I remember...)
I have the Tib sway bar, front and rear strut bars, KYB HR2 tibby struts, and H&R springs (for elantra). The entire setup ran me about $700 (over a course of 3 years).

I LOVE they way my car handles (when my alignment is not out of wack...).
the website only lists kits for 97-02... will they fit my o5?
=\ suspensionmax hasnt been working all week for some reason. But anyways if I get kyb struts and springtech springs would anyone be able to help me install them at the maryland meet?
^MAYBE, depends if anyone else wants to help. I have spring compressors and an electric impact gun so we could probably get it done.

Theres a sticky at the top that explains the springs available for the XD platform. I invite you to actually read there since you obviously didn't if you asked if there were springtechs for our years...
id say find some springtechs, i loved the way my car looked with them and the ride quality is excellent when compared to the drop. does not bounce like the ****ing slammed honda's.
More Suspension reccomendations...

Trying to get some good stuff and same money at the same time is not always possible.
However, I think a did.
I bought a set of AG KIT springs, 1.2 inches lower, and a set of KYB-GR2 struts and the results are amazing. Of course I am not making a race car or trying to beat BMWS and Porsches on the road.
My 05 GLS rides super good. Lowered enough. Very stable. It's definitely too stiff but that is good.
My cost was: around $ 120.00 for the springs and $200.00 for the struts. The difference is night to day.
If need additional info, just ask.
Good luck!
Bringing an old thread back... been away for a while and am back still looking for some springtechs... any help?
Nice! so from that I would be looking at the tiburon kit correct? being they don's list an elantra one...
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