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Suspension reccomendations...

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I've heard a lot about various companies, goods and bads about each. I'm looking into getting a pretty decent drop on my '05 elantra. I put some 17" Falkens on my car about a year and a half ago and hate that gap between the tire and the well. Springtech, H&R, Eibach, dropzone, Sprint... what do you guys reccomend? :bowdown: Thanks mEEKs
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SICK!!! yah I have been looking at the h&r and eibach but I didn't think it would be a low enough drop to fill the gap. springtech looks like a good idea but where can I get them? Ebay doesn't have them right now from my searching...
all the people I have talked to say they hated their coilovers... so I think I'm just gonna stick to the drop springs looking to spend no more than $400 with installation hopefully less!!!
anyone know where I can pick up some springtech springs from? ebay doesn't have it and I did some searching on the internet and came up empty handed...
the website only lists kits for 97-02... will they fit my o5?
Bringing an old thread back... been away for a while and am back still looking for some springtechs... any help?
Nice! so from that I would be looking at the tiburon kit correct? being they don's list an elantra one...
yah that's a negatory on having lots of money.. lol
cool stuff! thanks a lot for the help... as for the struts is that something I should consider in the near future when putting on the springs or like within a year?
For sure! I have a 2005 elantra that's just over 46k so I thinking near future but not necessarily right... yah?
hah I'm the exact same way! I still have my stock rims and tires in a closet just cuz they're basically brand new and I might "need" them one day even though I'm almost positive I'll never use them again...

You'll probably need to replace your struts in about 20k miles or so.
Alright sounds good! with these springs do you know if I am gonna run into any rubbing issues being that I have 17s?
you will have the inevitable rubbing.
So are we talking constant rubbing or rubbing whenever I go over bumps hard?
Alright thanks for all the help! Ill be positing up some pics as soon as I can manage to get all of it done...
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