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Swiss Audio

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Swiss Audio and Kicker audio!

Anyone have opinions on Swiss Audio's products?

Saw their ad in this months Car Audio.

Also, what do you guys think of KICKER products...the prices on the SS and SX series are high...but does the quality justify the price? :confused:

Otherwise I might just go and buy infinity/kenwood stuff. :biggrin:
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I've noticed a steady decline in the quality of Kicker Products. They are still good but you can find stuff that is better (in my opinion) for cheaper. I am a personal fan of JBL. Harman International as a whole is excellent. In my car I have 3 jbl amps and 2 infinity 10" subs. They sound ridiculous and very clear as well. Just make sure that whatever brand you purchase to always send enough power to the subs. In actuality it is better overpower the subs than to under-power them. You can always turn down the gain. Check out jbl though, they are worth listening to. Their Px series amps look really cool too.
Kicker got popular because their stuff was decent for the price given, which grew popularity among younger people because it was loud and cheap...

But overall, Kicker has never really been quality, it's been nice marketing and overall effectiveness vs. price -- Kicker has never been able to stand up to the higher end subs/audio equipment.

I have never heard of Swiss Audio, their website brings some interesting products up, but I would like to hear/see them at a show to hear/see the quality.

If you have money to spend, go with some high end MB Quarts / Memphis Audio for your mids/highs/rear -- as for the bass, go with high end Audiobahn / Memphis Audio / Alpine~ If you have limited funds, try looking at the Polk/Momo speakers/subs... I installed some Polk db Series 6.5's in my car the other day, very very clear sounding essp. at high volumes, I was kinda amazed by that... they are pretty cheap as well :)
i'd agree with the two posts above. kicker did a really good job marketing their speakers, espeically to SPL type ppl who didn't care too much about sound quality. the above recommended speakers are all good, but also consider A/D/S if you have money to spend. they SING. but they like to have power, they are not very efficient.
sorry cant say i have.....kicker...not worth it that price range...i would rather go with JL :headshake
JL is BADASS. No lie, I had a 12" W6 and that SLAMMED. It was so clear and crisp. I highly recomment JL for subwoofers and amps, for speakers I recomment Diamond Audio (Had them, great quality, espeially M6 and Hex series), Boston, and Infinity. I always had great luck with those, I plan on doing Diamond Audio M6's for my speakers and a JL 12" W6 version 2 in my Elantra, i cant WAIT. Alpine is a great company, my buddy's SE-R has all Alpine, sounds great. Good Luck!!

EDIT: By the way, i never have heard of Swiss Audio, sorry about getting away from the point there. I wouldnt trust them unless you've heard them or if someone you can trust recommends them to you. And i wouldn't trust a "Average Joe's Audio Store" either, places like that suck. Thats just my opinion though. :)
You will never know unless you try. 10 years ago I bought an audiobahn subwoofer enclosure when no one even heard of them. Well at least I never heard of them. When I would tell people what kind of subs I had in my car they would say dont you mean audiovox. I always liked the sound I got from them and now I think everyone has heard about audiobahn. So you really never know unless you try! By the way I think kicker, and MTX suck and they always did!
I havent owned any Swiss Audio pieces before, but from what i hear, they have better than average quality so i say try them out.
Just another name slapped on some off the shelf generic parts that are used by multiple manufactures. Audiobahn, Digital Audio, and Swiss Audio are owned, managed, or whatever by the same people.
Well in that case, give it hell! If you do get the Swiss Audio could you post how the quality/sound is for us? That sort of info is great to have
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