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this was my first major installation job when i became an installer way back in '89. car is an '85 scirocco.

amp rack built against seat back. 4-channel soundstream amp on the right, and passive crossovers and a/d/s signal processor in the middle. handmade RCA interconnects. (the 2-channel soundstream sub amp is missing from the left of the rack; was being upgraded to a larger amp and was waiting for the amp to arrive):

this is the custom sub floor i made to hold one or two a/d/s 10" subs in the spare tire well. i experimented with one and two subs. only one sub is in this setup, the other sub opening is closed off with a plywood dummy plate. the second floor that sits 1" above the subs and hides them was removed for the photo:

soundstream components in the front door:

a/d/s component plate speakers for rear fill (w/grille removed):

and again with the grille, custom-covered with acoustically-transparent black fabric:

soundstream casette/tuner head unit (yes, that's cassette folks! this was 1989, when CD decks still sucked). notice the a/d/s sub bass output controller (which hooks in to the signal processor) and top of the line (in it's day) kenwood alarm:

this was the first of many such installs i did. i got so burnt out after a few years that from 1994 unti now i've had nothing but stock audio in my cars. thanks to my GT i've been inspired to start from scratch again! although i sold off most of my equipment years ago, i still have the a/d/s subs and have acquired some "old school" soundstream and a/d/s amps. plus a new nak deck and a/d/s components! can't wait to get started...
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