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I installed these calipers + Sonata rotors yesterday and I concur that the GT alloys DID NOT fit. All were brand new parts (except for calipers) and the pistons hadn't been compressed yet. I had to go and get some wheel spacers (only able to grab 8mm ones) and put them on to get proper clearance. With those spacers, I had only 4mm clearance between the caliper and the ''branches'' of the GT alloys. (I will go back out later and measure the clearance once the piston has been compressed, I doubt there will be much difference).

However, I must say that this setup brakes really well. I love how the brake pedal feels now compared to when I had the Elantra calipers.:)
im pretty sure i posted video evidence that it fit, and everyone at the meet saw it as well...and this was with someone elses GT wheel, so you know i didnt modify the wheel in any way
what. the. ****.? its the same parts. do you think because its a year later they wont fit? get the parts listed above and you'll be fine.

is this a serious question?
No proof and no pictures, might fit, might not. That's where the posts lead me to believe cos it doesn't show the actual result!!!!

In the video, the rim wasn't even torqued right up against the rotor hat. Just held in place with 1 lug...1 LUG!!
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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