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Tib Sway Bar

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the Infamous 03 rear Tib Sway bar?
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Can't seem to find it on ebay, maybe I'll try a dealer
You think he would ship it?
I'd appreciate it, If you could... thanks

Message this guy and ask him if he's got it

Or pick this thing up. Offer them $500, from which you can get the sway bar, 5 boot hubs, bigger brakes up front, sell the rear disks to me, sell the leather seats to me ;) then sell some other stuff, and scrap the rest for $200

If I didn't already have 3 cars I would do it
I called the one that's located in Brimley... and he's parting out completely, he might have the sway bar but his Tiburon is an SE I don't think they have the 19.2mm sway bar. One in barrie I've yet to get ahold of. Thanks these adds didn't even come up on my search!
I'm trying to get the one locally n I can sell it it to you cuz he wouldn't do shipping & I'm trying to see if its the 19mm sway bar with green dot
Oh okay, how much is he asking?
And to ship it me, what do you think it would cost?
Idk it all depends since you are in Canada right
I found someone local selling one local for 75$, might do that instead since after shipping might be spending more than that anyways. What else do I need besides the metal bushings?
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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