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Tiburon Sway Bar DIY Install Video & Review!

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Tutorial Install and Review!

Hello XD folks,
Just wanted to create a video for the install incase anyone has questions about the install or wondering how it's done. Didn't see another video on it, so I decided to make one to help anyone else in the future! Be sure to leave any questions or comments on youtube and I'll get back to you.

Might be making a video on the header install so stay tuned!
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Great video! So you DID put it in backwards. That was the only thing I could think of. Glad you got it fixed.

I am looking forward to seeing what else you do. I have modded two Elantra's, a 2002 and a 2006 and I had so much fun. I still have them both love driving them. They are great cars as long as you treat them well.
Thanks, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I should delete the other thread, I was replacing my driver side CV axle and had finished doing that prior to the swaybar install so I wasn't really thinking after being worn out from that. Just a dumb mistake but put it in the video anyway because it's helpful for people to see mistakes.

I'm planning on doing headers, bbk, few other modsbut open to ideas. I did the short shifter and bushings but didn't make a video, wish I did because that's another great mod to do. Only thing about the short shifter is it's hard to get in 5th gear and I believe I have to space it up just not sure what size bolts and spacers to use and where to buy them. I could make a video of the overview of that and review but just didn't think it would be that interesting.

Let me know what you'd want to see, I'm a e30 guy but this car has shocked me with how fun it is but disappointed me with how little information/ love there is for it. Hoping to make a series of videos so other XD owners can have some fun too!
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There are still LOTS of XD's on the road. Many, many of them. I occasionally see them modded with nice paint jobs and wheels but they are always traveling in the opposite direction and I never get the chance to talk to them.

Modding these cars is a lot of fun. I have two threads for my car's. MKJH's XD and MKJH's XD2 I believe they are called. My 2006 is a white Limited. I just hit 50,000 miles on it. I don't drive it often, usually just on weekends. My 2002 is my daily driver with 263,000 miles on it. They are both great cars. Parts are cheap and they are easy to work on and mod.

I look forward to seeing what you do next. Do you have any aftermarket stereo equipment installed?
That's pretty cool you have one with so few miles on it and one with so many. Mine is at 185.8k and I thought that was high.

As far as audio its got a Sony bluetooth headunit and I replaced the stock speakers with Infinity reference 2 way speakers with Infinity reference tweeters for the front doors driven off the headunit. I got an alpine 4 channel amp for these speakers but I don't need it because the headunit already sounds so good and gets way to loud. I also added a 12" infinity kappa sub in a sealed box driven off an alpine pdr-m65 running 450w @ 4 ohms. It's actaully a really nice sounding system, far better than most new cars, most people are blown away when they hear how good it is for the first time thinking it's an old car and will sound like crap. The audio was the first thing I changed, can't stand bad sounding audio. I think it's a huge plus these cars come with space for such big door speakers, most economy cars of this era had 5.25's for all four. The rear 6x9's were a bit of a pain to replace but it was worth it. I also thought it was funny how the door panels although didn't come stock with tweeters had the hole in the back to run the wires.

Last week picked up some used Motegi Racing 17x7 et40 wheels for $200 that have 225/45 achiles atr sports on them. Going to roll the fenders and put those on soon. If the tires are too wide and cause issues I'll go down to a 215 or 205. I'm keeping my stocks for winter tires because I live in Colorado. I am also planning on lowering it this fall with coilovers or stock tiburon struts and lowering springs to make the fitment better with the 17's. Leaning towards coilovers so in the winter I can raise it for ground clearance.

This week I finished wrapping the headers with heat wrap, but still waiting to put them on because I know it can cause a code. I got the o2 restrictor adapter to hopefully prevent a code.
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Nice. Sounds like you have a great setup. I have a complete system in my XD with Hertz Mille 3 way which I had to build pods for in the A pillar along with an NVX amp running 175x4 RMS and a 10" Rockford Fosgate sub. I have the car heavily sound deadened. I have an old Alpine IVA-W505 head unit that I love.

I know what you mean about the rear speakers. They are a pain in the ass to replace. My XD2 has all factory speakers since I don't drive it much but I will be replacing them soon. With what, I don't know yet.

I agree. I love being able to put larger speakers in the doors.

I look forward to your next mods.
Simply needed to make a video for the introduce incase anybody has inquiries concerning the introduce or it considering how is finished. Didn't see one more video on it, so I chose to make one to help any other person later on! Make certain to leave any inquiries or remarks on youtube and I'll hit you up.
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