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Tiburon sway bar

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Do the03 tiby sway bars fit our cars for the front and back?
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Youll be fine with only doing tibbys rear sway bar 18mm or 19mm. Elantras front sway bar are thick already, its 23mm & besides tibbys front sway bars are different. I recommend you do rear sway bar mod, buy bushings & brackets from energysuspension & buy front bushings 23mm from same website

Theres no 23mm rear sway bar theres whiteline adjustable rear sway bar highest is 22mm but idk if they still sell so members have em on here

No problem let us know if you need any help

Ill say check it out take of an elantra of an xd n measure im sure it will
I think a yellow painted dot is a 18mm i could be wrong tho
Yes im sure i do you can go to

Heres the link you can either choose red or black youll see the difference from oem bushings to energysuspension you wont regret it
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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