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I just changed front brake pads and rotors today and I noticed the passenger side tie rod ball joint is leaking grease. Here are some pics.
I have been hearing mysterious rattling noise from that side at speed over 40 miles per hour and mechanics told me to replace brake pads, rotors and struts, but not ball joint. The pics shown here are after I cleaned the grease. Is this a sign that I need to change the ball joint?
HMA tech info website states that galling of drive shaft ball joint may cause vehicle pulls to one side. I have had my car pulling to the left for several months after I replaced all four tires and had a wheel alignment done twice , but Goodyear guys couldn't fix the problem. Miraculously, now my car goes straight after I had first wheel balance and tire rotation done after 8,000 miles since I bought new tires. (I am supposed to have tire rotation done at every 5-6,000 miles, but I forgot). However, rattling noise at high speed persists. Now I can pinpoint the ball joint for the problem after all the possible causes are ruled out. Is the ball joint replacement easy to do by DIY'ers?
In addition, what is the size of the bolts on the rotors? Mines are all missing. I finished my brake job without the bolts. Is it safe to drive without the rotor bolts?


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