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Timing Belt Adjustment

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Hello all, I just have a quick question about adjusting the timing belt. I recently replaced all the belts on my 2003 GLS. I took off my upper timing belt cover last weekend to check on the timing belt tension, and I noticed there is a lot of slack on the right side of the belt. The car is running great, but the slack is about 1 inch or so and floppy. I'm assuming it is because the new timing belt has stretched with use.

My question is how to I tight it down? The tensioner is currently at about the 6 O'Clock position and I cannot push it in any further. Can I take the timing belt off of the Camshaft sprocket, and move the belt to the left a few teeth with out messing up the crankshaft timing? I got a road trip next week, I don't want any problems.
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Just inspect if there is any tear in the timing belt after a few days. It can be torn during the installation process, especially when you try to install the timing belt cover. The sharp edge of the cover can accidently cut the side of the belt. I discovered my belt was torn after three days when I opened the top cover.
Good. Gates timing belts are OEM belts. You can see Hyundai or Kia logo together with Gates logo on the belt. Gates also makes OEM timing belts for Toyota and Honda.


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