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Timing Belt Adjustment

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Hello all, I just have a quick question about adjusting the timing belt. I recently replaced all the belts on my 2003 GLS. I took off my upper timing belt cover last weekend to check on the timing belt tension, and I noticed there is a lot of slack on the right side of the belt. The car is running great, but the slack is about 1 inch or so and floppy. I'm assuming it is because the new timing belt has stretched with use.

My question is how to I tight it down? The tensioner is currently at about the 6 O'Clock position and I cannot push it in any further. Can I take the timing belt off of the Camshaft sprocket, and move the belt to the left a few teeth with out messing up the crankshaft timing? I got a road trip next week, I don't want any problems.
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I guess I'll leave it alone then.
No tears, it looks good. I was just worried about the amount of slack on the right side. Because it seems to be a little less tension than the previous belt which was OEM Hyundai. This was the gates brand, I've heard Gates makes the Hyundai belts but theirs seems a bit different, maybe slightly shorter but still has a proper fit.
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