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Ok, i searched and i think i didnt find anything about this.

Anyway, My 5 door elantra has one of those radio antenae that doesnt shrink down to the car when the radio is off. i got the one that looks like a piece of flexible wire.

anyways, my question is, when i go into a touchless car wash machine. Do i have to unscrew it before going in? or will it be fine since its touchless and the antenae is flexible.

if you do unscrew it, what do you do with the antenae hole? do you tape something over it?

its freezing here at auto detailing bethesda md, washing car by hand not a good idea.
When I first bought my 03' R53 a couple months back, I took it through a touchless car wash and turned off the car. Afterwards, I could barely get it to start, and it would stall with any throttle. I had to let it sit for a half hour and made it home. Left it running for a half hour and it hasn't had an issue since. So, either I shouldn't have shut my car off in the wash, or should I just not take her through auto washes anymore?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts