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Well, my gears are starting to grind, every single gear actually, not just one. 3rd-5th are not nearly as bad as 1st and 2nd, but none the less they still grind. My grandfather (and many other people and mechanics) have said that the synchros are going out.

My questions being, how diffficult is it to rebuild the transmission in our cars? Do I have to pull the engine to get to the transmission? If yes, I also plan on upgrading the flywheel, because I am sure that it is needing to be replaced as well since I just hit my 120k mark.

What all will I need to rebuild the transmission, since I would already have it out, I'd like to do as much preventive maintenance as possible, cost would not really be an issue seeing as how I wouldnt be doing anything till having all supplies suggested and needed, looking at doing this during the summer when I can take some time off of work and take my time doing this project.

Other problems:

1. I was told that my CV joints are going bad, as I was told by a mechanic, how difficult are they to replace? I cant recall if he said is was the joint itself, or just the boot, either way how difficult would it be, and could you direct to a DIY, or would it be covered pretty well in my Haynes manual?

2. What is the stock front sway bar size? I've gone through so many threads stating anywhere from 23mm to 25mm, I have the sedan model and would like to know so I can upgrade to front polyurethane bushings as well as metal end links. Again, if you can post a thread or give an absolute answer it is appreciated!

3. Can you do a rear brake swap from drums to rotors? I read somewhere that the GT sedan had rear rotors instead I drums like the GLS. I imagine this would be a more advanced project and would also take some time, so if someone could chime in with what would be needed to do the swap.

Any help would be great, especially on the transmission issue, just so you all know, all fluids have been flushed and filled with recommended fluid types, new E3 spark plugs have been put in (looking at new wires for those as well), and the clutch has already been replaced, was done at about 110k.
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