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I am selling my Radio Control car. It will run about 6o MPH with a fully charged battery. I am selling the all-wheel-drive chassis, 12 bodies, four sets of wheels and tires, two radios, a set of headlights and taillights, upgraded electronic speed control, 13 turn motor, misc. chassis parts, extra tire glue (you'll need this), body cutters, tools, and all of the original parts. I am asking $500.00 for everything, which is a steal considering I have over 1300 in it. One of the bodies is not pictured, but it is a Stratus painted like an American Flag. This set-up also comes with a carrying bag (not pictured)

Please let me know if anyone is interested, I need to get rid of this thing because it is just sitting around collecting dust. And, if I keep it, I'll keep buying bodies for something that just sits around. I think the car has maybe 6 hours of use on it, and it's about 18 months old.


I am trying to finance an engagement ring for my girlfriend, so I will now take $300 for everything.
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