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turbo parts, etc for sale-PRICES ADJUSTED

EDIT: since this seems to be generating zero interest, i'll probably post it on other boards tomorrow night.
alright, I have a diverse array of stuffs for sale. The reason being: I dont want to have to work and go to school at the same time, and as you all know-cars dont take alot of money, just all you've got. I'm doing a large fence contract over this summer. I'll be buying a long tube 4-1 header, exhaust, ported IM, 58mm tb, and Im looking at having a set of street-friendly cams ground for me, as well as a clutchmasters stage 2 or 3 to go with my AL flywheel (I still have been waiting for my clutch to go out to install that). (I also will be tuning it on a dyno with a safcII). Im aiming for no more than 140whp and hoping to not sacrifice the bottom end too much. if Im feeling adventurous, I may have mild headwork done to increase compression.

either way: no prices include shipping unless specifically stated, PM me with your address and what you want, and I'll send you a price.

PM me if you want any other info or pictures of the items.

EDIT: I also have a MSD DIS II for $310 shipped thats brand new, I'll be posting it for sale on ebay very soon.

3" mild steel U mandrel U-bend-$15
its got a couple of small spots where its started to get light rust on the surface.(has been in my garage, but not come in contact with any water). You need to understand that mild steel will rust unless it has a protective coating.

sonata 290cc injectors- SOLD
bought these from jay, only opened them to look at them when I first got them, then to take the pictures.

saab intercooler: 9x9x2.25 core- $100

turbo manifold from SSautochrome-$120
bought this from fordfasterr when I still thought i was going turbo

pontiac sunbird turbo ZERO shaft play, intake A/R is .48, exhaust is .63
upgraded with:
t-25 compressor housing, 60 trim compressor wheel and 10 degree clip on the exhaust wheel, internal wastegate at 6psi-$305
when I got this turbo, my friend told me it was new (had only been used in demonstrations for automotive classes), I saw minor heat marks on the exhaust flange and thought that he was mistaken. I took it to majestic turbo (the people that did the upgrades and asked them to rebuild it, he felt of the shaft and asked: "why? its brand new"- I figured he wouldnt lie, since majestic turbo is a place that rebuilds them)

I think thats it, these will be offered here only for a week, then they will be offered for sale on other boards too (1-2 weeks), and after that, its ebay.
so basically, these will be put on ebay in 2-3 weeks if not sold.

prices have been adjusted
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