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Turning a 2003 XD's fuel system into a return style one.

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is this hard, and what parts are needed for the transformation?
would this make the XD easier, or better to turbocharge?
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You could just borrow the fuel parts from a beta one motor.
a fuel rail adapter will allow you to adapt a fuel pressure regulator.

the rest is easy... replace the in-tank pump with a standard return style pump from an eclipse or a mustang...

then, run a new return line to the tank.. drill a hole on the fuel pump cover plate ( while the cover is out of the gas tank please)... then insert a 6 inch ( cut to fit ) steel brake line into it and just attach the return line to it.....

woah, i got turned around when i saw the word "brake line" was that a typo? what do the brake lines have to do with this?
The brake line is used as a line for the fuel to enter the tank on the return side of things. Fuel line/brake line close enough for the given application.
Ill let you know exactly what is involved when i actually do this soon.
thanks elantra2001!
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