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uhh wtf!

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Ok so i was going to get some gas today and i pulled in to see another nice elantra getting gas. So i had to go and tell him about elantra and he was happy to see i liked his car. I also had to ask what he had done to the car...he said the engine only got a Ram intake and for the outside he had tint and 17's...i told him once again about this site and he said "Iight ill check it out thanks" ...he then started the car and started to pull away as he passed he said "iight kid good looks peace" and then he ****ing did a crazy long burn out:eek:..that got me thinking because it was dry out and it was crazy long, i could never get my car to do that and it was also back wheel drive wtf is that i thought all elantras were fwd? :confused: So can someone tell me what he had done to his car or how he did that because its killing me to know.
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no it was an elantra i know it was i talked to him lol im so confused???? And it had to be b.c the mark started where his back wheels were and thats also where the smoke came from. But it must have been fwd since i dont think you can make an elantra rwd. im just shocked that he was even able to burn out lol nd the rwd just made me **** lol.

I am going to be looking for him around town lol so i can ask him..and i hope he joins the site.
Option E.:pete hit a curb.
lmao i really did laugh at that knowing how pete likes curbs.:D

and for all the others i do think it was b.c it was a 5 speed and i went back to look at the spot and there is alot of rocks to help out lol sorry for my stupid post but i really wanted to know lol.

Wheres the video?

I'm leaning towards E!

sorry no vid lol and yes i say E too.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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