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2002 Elanta 4 door sedan.

So there I was in the middle of replacing the interior door handle. No big deal, and done three of the other doors, can do it in my sleep.
But on this last door (drivers side rear door), somehow, I believe the cable for the unlock mechanism, came unhooked from the door lock mechanism.
Long story short, the door is now close, locked, no door panel so I can reach in there but cant see or feel much.
I am unable to unlock it by pulling or pushing the door lock cable, that wont budge. I tried using the front door lock and unlock actuators, which usually unlock all the doors as well, electrically, but no go.
Is there any way to get this door open so I can get to the door lock mechanism and see whats wrong? I even tried pulling the door off at the hinges, but it wont budge past 1/4 inch.
What are my alternatives?
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