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The 2019 Elantra is my wife's first car with CarPlay, she loves it but plugging in the phone every time is a hassle, I knew she'd get tired of it. I actually added a wireless CarPlay module to my Lexus and love it. So, I ordered her one of these carlinkit4.0 wireless dongle kits to see how it would work. Set it up tonight, and so far it works great. The phone syncs up wirelessly right after the car is started up, doesn't seem to be any latency or lag, audio quality is great (wireless CarPlay uses WiFi not Bluetooth, so you dont have the music quality issue you have with Bluetooth). One of the real drawbacks to wireless CarPlay is there isn't an easy way to switch between phone users, the car kind of chooses a phone and just connects to it. The adapter has a USB input also, so we left the cord plugged into that and when I drive it I just plug in and it overrides her phone and goes to mine. When I unplug it syncs back up to hers.

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