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Upto 200 members!

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Well the new EXD has been on to 4 days and already upto 200 members - hoorah!
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That's awesome, by the end of the week we should have a good estimate on the number of 'hardcore' XDers there are out there.
cool good to know
I think all the real hardcore XD'rs are already here. The stragglers will come around soon :phone:
Sweet!! I hope we keep on growing at the same rate!
the real hardcorers were here the next day!! damn...i need something to do with my time....thank god for the arcade option!! *LOL*
lol, yeah, this forum is sooooooooooooo much better than
Is this new XD site easier to find compared to the old one? I don't see why it would be but that might explain why we have so many people here is such a short period of time.
The question is....are they posting??

Seems like we are getting a lot of new people posting, like you said earlier, they probably are not as intimidated because everyone here is now a noob.
well i have always been more of a looker than a talker.
I just like trying to asorb some of the knowledge you guys pass along.
One thing is for sure, the Arcade really cuts down the postwhoring :eek:
We are at 300 now - yipee!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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