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I'm going to sell my vinyl cutter anyone interested let me know.

It is a Roland SX 15 uses 15" vinyl and can cut 13.5 x 40 " at a sot or large if you tile the image.

IT includes all below.

2 Additional Cutter tips 45 degree and 60 degree
about 6 rolls 10 yards each of various color vinyl (5 Year Outdoor)
10 -12 rolls various lenghts of additionl vinyl
2 rools (200 yards) transfer tape
1 gal frog juice for application
3 exacto knifes
6 squeeges
1 weedinig pin point tool

roland Dr. Sitka software
drivers for adobe illistrator and corel 10 and above

Roland Stika pro software ( $ 200.00 )

40 - 50 various license plate blanks (plastic red blue black and white colors)

1 can sealer spray to seal things togeter if you overlay colors etc

5 CD's of clipart
includung fast & furious graphics

10,000 + fonts installed on the hard drive you can add them as needed so it don't bog the system down

1 PC 400MHZ
not the best but it does work hard drive I will replace becuase it's not doing so well.. No monitor tho i need ot keep it. software is installe don the PC under windows XP. Hmm wonder where my license for XP got to....

not may hours on the system but works great.

All this shipped to your door.....

$ 1300.00

Anyone interested contact me..

Sorry guys no pay pal on this unless you want to pay the paypal fee...

Why am I selling the system..... I need the cash fast to buy my house and I need to get rid of stuff that I'm not using anymore.


Oh yeah here is a picture

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