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EVO III Full Body Kit /wing & JT autostyle fog lights (currently not on, but I have the full kit)
Black painted grille
Fender Flares
Stock Steelies, no hub caps.
Functional Dual Exhaust
Silver turn signal lights (amber when on)
Sylvania SilverStar Ultra High/Low
Halogen reverse lights
Polarized tint (is not cut around 3rd brake light, full glass)

1320 lumens dome light
Black step shields
APC Blue Full Racing seats
APC Blue neon pedals
APC Blue flame neon rope lighted floor mats (used to protect my factory elantra floormats)
Rear seat removed
B&I Carbon fiber dash kit
ChickFilA Cow, Cherry air freshener

Air Horns
K&N panel air Filter
Mobil 1 0w-30 / OEM filter
Y piped exhaust /w dual tips
muffler replaced and repositioned before the axle

Tiburon rear sway bar

Odessey PC1500T
40A Accessory power auto-reset breaker box (front and rear) All time power / Acc Power / Door open power / parking light power
Single tap Auto Up / Auto Down on all power windows, from all switches. Auto up when key removed and window lock off. Windows stay in position when key is off and window lock activated.
Panasonic CQ-9801U Head unit
Short antenna
Full computer hidden behind the dash
Xenarc MTD-x7000 InDash 7 inch touchscreen VGA monitor
JetWay J7F5M2G-VDE-LF VIA CX700M Motherboard
Supports WiFI B/G/N
All antennas, GPS, WiFi, XM antennas are hidden.
Remote gate & Remote garage openers installed in sunglasses holder
Radar detector, power wire hidden behind the dash
Alpine 6x9
Blaupunkt 6.5 (custom mounted in factory brackets)
Dynomat sound deadening in doors and rear deck
400w 110v AC inverter
Backup cam installed/hidden in license plate (Acc powered, not rev powered)
XM radio HU optional module installed, Headunit controlled, module hidden behind dash.
3.5mm audio jack in dash, functions as PS2 headset plug, or iPod/Aux input without any switches
1500w RMS MTX 81000D amp /w matching sub
MTX 10" Sledgehammer sub in MTX Sledgehammer box
5 farad capacitor
Custom amp rack that mounts to spare tire location (no drill install)
Safety blinking 3rd brake light
FM transmitter (not used, just in there)

Threads about some of my mods:


Elantra's History/Wreaks/etc:



AEM bypass
bored out stock trottle body 63mm
Accord cold air/ short air intake 3inch
engine torque damper kit (blue)
silver catch can diy mod
voltage stablizer
engine ground wire kit home made (black)
Evofusion (gen 1) catback exhaust with silencer
ngk plug wire's (blue)
oil temp gauge ( 7 color tinted )
oil pressure gauge ( 7 color tinted )
vacuum gauge ( 7 color tinted )
custom digital volt gauge ( switch blank used )
Tsunami -negative battery terminal (Satin Nickel Finish )2 =0/4g 2=8g
Optima red top battery

Engine Bay Dress Up
blue Samco Sport 3 part radiator house set
black silicone hose for catch can
blue silicone hose for radiator over flow tank
blue silicone hose for window washer
black silicone coupler's on intake
window washer hose tucked into hood
custom maf cover with avante xd in chrome
chrome oil cap cover with carbon fiber center
chrome radiator cap cover
window washer cap, power steering cap, brake resovior cap all painted blue
fuse box custom blue paint job with skull
radiator support's painted body color
battery hold down painted body color
10 black aluminum fender washers
Optima carbon fiber battery topper

Body Mod's & Lighting
Evofusion 4 part lipkit
Silver star highs beams
DDM 4,500 hid kit with wiring harness for stock fog lights
DDM 4,500 hid kit with wiring harness lows and glare sheild's (tricked)
kdm headlight's with clear turn signals
after market mesh grill with red GT style trim
lower bumper meshed to match top grill
tinted window's 30% all windows
AVS window guards
custom gt badge in place of H on trunk
shaved emblems on trunk
white after market fog/running lights
Kspec carbon fiber badge
euro short antenna
kdm chrome door strikers all 4 doors
fiamm high & low horns
headlight eyelines
kdm blue mirrors
kdm led turn siginal mirror covers
m3 lip on back window
kdm molding's with out amber lights
turn singal's changed to xd with running lite and turn singal up front
5 smt city lights
red natural glass third brake light
chrome/amber turn signals rear
red natural glass brake lights
red natural glass 194 running lights
9 smt led back up lights
(summer tail lights)
tinted tail light covers
chrome/amber turn signals rear
black/white KDM license plate ( for photos )

Wheel's & Suspension
19.2mm tiburon sway bar/energy suspension bushings (red)
Falken tires Ziex ze 512 215/145zr17
Falken rims Torque 5 glossblack w /polished lip 17x7 23lbs
winter rims Sport edition 17x7.50
Kumho kh16 tires 215/45/17
matte black lug nuts
H&R 5mm spacers
Road Race Motorsports front strut bar
Shark Racing rear strut bar

Interior & Lighting
Issotta leather shifter boot
Issotta e-brake handle & leather boot
tiburon pedal's & dead pedal
kdm chrome tweeter rings
Elantra chrome door sills
Sparco seatbelt pads
3 x led light's in center vents
2 x led light's in left and right side vents
custom frosted and back lit gt badge in passenger side dash pocket
strobe light's and custom clear door marker lights
6 inch blue neon's in front door pockets
led light's in all 4 door handle pos
matte body color door handle pods
switch plates matte body color
kdm chrome door handles
dome light matte black
dome light blue 18 leds
door chime dissconnected
12 micro led lights in front speaker grills
kdm xd2 ticket holder
custom mission plate with skull
hvac & clock swap (blue color)
kdm hvac knobs
hvac face painted body color
1 led blue in ash tray
1 smt led blue lighter
1 smt led blue ignition ring
triple gauge pod
6 x 9 inch neon tubes
2 x 6 inch neon tubes
6 x strobe lights
3 adjustable leds in large part of arm rest bottom part
5 smt led map lights
3 micro leds in change bin
3 micro leds in top part of arm rest
6 micro leds in sunglass holder
15 micro led strip on bottom of door panel (wired to clear door light)
5 micro leds under back seat cup holder
2 x 6 micro leds in front cup holders
small ac vents on dash by A piller body color
caps for roof handles painted matte black
back deck speaker covers 2 color body color and matte black
3rd brake light housing 2 color body color & matte black
sunglass holder matte black and gray

In Trunk & On Amp Board
10 strobe lights in trunk
10 inch purple neon tube
3 x 10 inch blue neon tubes
15 inch blue neon tube
12 blue micro led lights in tiburon sub shell
4 strobe lights on amp board
8 x 6 inch purple neon lights
3 micro leds in fuse block
15 purple micro led lights in 6 1/2 speaker grills
3 fighter style switchs for strobes, blue neons, purple neons
trunk floor redone with carpet to match amp board
black chrome fire extinguisher

Audio & Video
back up camera
10.2 rear view mirror monitor
7 inch flip Jensen with ipod hook up
Tiburon Inifinity sub shell with polyfill
4 way audio guage temp, vu left, vu right, volt
aura bass shaker's
soundstorm F2.200 amp
Infinity reference 5350a amp with sub remote control
Infinity reference 850w subwoofer
Infinity reference 9613i 6x9 3 way
Infinity reference 6012i 6 1/2 2way
Infinity reference 6020cs 6 1/2 component's
Boom Matt speaker baffles 6 1/2
9 inch monitor on trunk lid
6 inch monitor on amp board
Boss bvam5 video singal amplifer
all power / ground wire's and blocks tsunami
4 gauge power wire and ground
8 gauge power wire and ground
4 gauge in two 8 gauge out fuse block
4 gauge in five 8 gauge out of ground block
1.5 frad digital power cap
4 way rca front/rear and 2 way rca sub
36sq feet of Dynamat
36sq feet of 1/8 Dynamat dynaLiner
60sq feet of Edead 45
18oz Dei spray sound deadner/ on front fender liners
trunk floor redone in black carpet

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