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Ok so I have been anticipating this movie for quite a while now and boy was it worth it. The animation is just tremendous. Pixar is usually very cartoonish and cute which the WALL-E world was, but at least the desolate earth and WALL-E himself could display the real detail that Pixar animators can achieve. The movie was just like every other Pixar movie, very fun and enjoyable. So if it seems like something you would like then go see it, you probably won't be disappointed.
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james, tell her its my birtday and i command her to go as my present
went with a friend of mine, boring in some parts and i couldnt understand why this father kept chuckling the entire movie, even during the boring parts. but if pixar were to make a chick flick, this would be it
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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