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Weekend Meet In Central Indiana

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Over the weekend we had another meet with a bunch of guys from NewTiburon...local guys that I know and are real cool to hang out with. We went to Stevo's barn again, just outside of Cicero (out in the boonies). Had a lot of fun, worked on some Tibs, like last time. I even got my axles swapped out with two new ones...finally.

Bob, you should come to the next barn meet we have, it would be awesome to have you there with us. Andy, Travis (greywolf6984), and I were the only Elantras there, more are always welcome. Andrew (saturn) made a guest appearance, because he was kind enough to bring me the wheels I bought from him forever ago...because I'm a lazy tool who can't stick to any schedule I set. But, I got to see his '08 Impreza Hatch...I must say, they are pretty sharp looking in person.

The barn itself will comfortably fit ten cars, so multiple projects can be going at once. And soon, they're installing a lift, which will make things sooo much easier.

Here's pictures from over the weekend...a lot of my pictures will appear distorted when I post them here, because they're 8.0 MP and sized at 3264 x 2448. You can right click, and view image for full size.

All pictures and videos I took can be found here.

Other people's pictures:

Kyle's Videos:

Gota wait till the end of this video, lol... i nearly choked.

Sorry bout the low quality, i took a high quality of this on another camera, should be alot better.

BlueTuscaniCoupeFX's New exhaust

Listen for the brakes locking and tires squeling, BTCFX almost missed hehe.

4th gear excell up hill to crest, im always in the back =(

High rez fly by, all attendees... pretty much any setup you want to hear, lol.
Great time we need more Central Indiana folks to join in!
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Decent turnout. Looks like a lot of the ppl there were very interested on drawing genitalia. hehe. I only have one question, why was the tibby smoking so hard?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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