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What capacitor / alternator / battery should I get?

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Hey all, like you may have seen from previous posts, I have two 12" RSDc Phoenix Gold (500rms each) and a 1200 Watt Phoenix Mono channel amp powering them.

I currently have no capacitor, stock alternator (2005 XD2 GT Sedan I think come with an 80 Amp Alternator, someone should correct me if i'm wrong), and the stock battery.

I experience clipping from the subs being under powered, My lights fade with every nice hit from the subs, and my battery light has come on a couple times, enough for me to lose power steering a couple times (Could be a separate problem ??? kinda took me by surprise)

My question:

For the least amount of money as possible. What is the recommended procedure for making this system more robust? (I have 2 or 4 gauge throughout the sounds system, i'll have to double check though)

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just wondering what gauge wire are you running to the amp?
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