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What capacitor / alternator / battery should I get?

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Hey all, like you may have seen from previous posts, I have two 12" RSDc Phoenix Gold (500rms each) and a 1200 Watt Phoenix Mono channel amp powering them.

I currently have no capacitor, stock alternator (2005 XD2 GT Sedan I think come with an 80 Amp Alternator, someone should correct me if i'm wrong), and the stock battery.

I experience clipping from the subs being under powered, My lights fade with every nice hit from the subs, and my battery light has come on a couple times, enough for me to lose power steering a couple times (Could be a separate problem ??? kinda took me by surprise)

My question:

For the least amount of money as possible. What is the recommended procedure for making this system more robust? (I have 2 or 4 gauge throughout the sounds system, i'll have to double check though)

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it wouldn't hurt though. I did for 1200 watts rms between my 2 amps

you dont need a second batt for just 1200w.

i run about 2000w RMS with just one battery. my personal fav are the optima batteries, ive been using a yellow top for years with no complaints.
the red optima have higher cca, but the yellow have more then enough to start the car and have the better deep cycle performance.
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