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What is the best Dyno for Tuning?

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Like it says ...

Dmdicks mentioned something like this ...

... People may rip on Mustang Dynos for the numbers they put out, but with the Eddy Brake option it really is the best dyno to tune on ....
and it got me to thinking ... why? Its what I'm using, but why is it so different?

I understand the Eddy brake feature ... I've seen it used ... it will keep the engine/wheels at a constant speed while you increase the load/throttle, but don't the Dynojets have that feature also?

But what about the other types? What, if any, are the pros and cons? Why is the Dynojet the supposed standard, while Mustangs are said to be truer??
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Dynojets are interia dynos. They calculate ur torque by measuring how long it takes you to accelerate a known weight (the rollers). A mustang type is a loaded dyno in which you can load the rollers to hold at a steady load. Makes tuning much easier because you can focus on certain situations and nail it down.

Mustangs are also "truer" for this reason. The load helps to simulate realworld driving while the dynojet just uses the weight of the drum as a constant.
mustangs are the only ones around me and that is what jestr uses to tune on...because it gives a more accurate number.
Do you ever say anything not relating to jestr? Don't say its better just because they use it. "Accurate" numbers are all relative anyway. So many different things can affect your numbers. Be it: humidty, altitude, temperature, correction factor, etc...

Dynos in and of themselves are for bragging rights. Mustang dynos are FOR TUNING, horsepower numbers are just a by-product.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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