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What was your first mod?

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    Votes: 65 27.5%
  • F/I Engine

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain

    Votes: 20 8.5%
  • Wheels/Tires

    Votes: 24 10.2%
  • Appearance

    Votes: 42 17.8%
  • Interior

    Votes: 13 5.5%
  • Audio/Video/Security

    Votes: 63 26.7%
  • Other

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What was your first mod?

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What was your first mod?

Pick the category and post the actual mod.

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first thing was a dc sports front strut bar
i put led's on the floor the day i got it, but i did such a ****ty wiring job they only lasted for a season. they are out now but i bought a new pack so when i have a spare day i'll do it agin and make it look much nicer.
tint the first week i bought it
then cd player
First thing was clear side markers, the day before I got it.
On the day, I changed the HU to my Kenwood, and mounted luxury look license plates with HST holders on it.

The second day, I replaced the original front speaker for my MB-quartz compo set.

The 4th day, I replaced some bulbs,removed the logo's on the back, and more of this little stuff
(the 4th day is today hehe)
The first year it was the 17" wheels/tires , the next was the intake (I finally got tired of the local squirrels storing their seeds and nuts in the factory airbox) . The 3rd year I got the Tibby swaybar and did the clutch spring mod , and finally this past Wednesday I replaced the clutch with a XTD Stage-2 clutch kit . Next year I'm think of going to a stage 3 with the lighter flywheel .
Very first mod was Pioneer MP3 Head Unit and CD Changer (the CD changer technically went in first but wasn't functional until I got the head unit up and running). I bought the car on a Friday and did this on Sunday night (literally.... all NIGHT). I went to work Monday morning on 0 hours of sleep. But it was worth it.
funny how after all the years and mods you can still remeber the first mod like it was yesterday. hell i still remember my first drive in the tib, after that i was hooked
funny how after all the years and mods you can still remeber the first mod like it was yesterday. hell i still remember my first drive in the tib, after that i was hooked
I still remember my very first mod to my first scoupe, over 7 years ago now.
Removed the towbar, logo's and tainted the rear lights hehe.
The basic stuff.

Did a few more thing to the Elantra by now.
I like especially the clutch mod and the 24h clock:D
upgraded the cassette player to a sony HU...which has been replaced ever since
New Rims and tires and 4 days after I bought the car
mine was a Short Ram Intake off of ebay... best 30 bucks ever spent.
first - window tint, all visors at 32 miles
then rear wing. chrome extras and wheels/tires
last year was body kit (lat 16,000 miles)
Mine was Full removal of the original intake system (including the parts you can't see) and adding a SRI from EBAY $38. Now it sounds GOOD
My first mod was short ram intake then exhaust
Mine was GT Rims..... I hated them hubcaps....
i painted my grille black

this was a later picture after i did clear corners but the front grilles were all the same colour as the car so i spiced it up a bit

Now it looks like this, i re fibreglassed the grille and it's much more smooth now
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18mm sway bar IIRC (Which will be replaced this year with the 19 and poly bushings)
My first mod was installing a lead foot on top of the accelerator pedal
41 - 60 of 120 Posts
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