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Where can I buy brake drums?

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I need to replace my '03 gls rear brake shoes very soon. The problem I have is to replace the drums also because it exceeded 8" ID service limit. The drum has studs embedded and I can't find such replacement drums. I searched online and all I could find was ones without studs. Where can I buy Elantra drums?
Believe it or not, I have never changed the rear brake shoes since I purchased my car in 2003. The mileage is now over 314, 000 miles.
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Most cars have studs on the hub, but mine has studs on the drum. They are integrated into the drum. So if I remove the drum, the studs come off together. The brake shoes are attached to the back plate and no studs on it.
Yes, I already watched the video long time ago. His rear drum brake is different from mine. The studs are attached to the hub on the back plate. Mines are on the drum!
I have a Chilton's auto repair manual for '90s Hyundai's. Elantra, Excell, Tiburon have same types of drums like mine. Sonata has studs on the hub. I don't have a pic of mine right now, but I will post a diagram from the web. Motor vehicle Font Engineering Parallel Auto part
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Why do you want me to remove the studs? Then how can I mount the wheel? Studs are not removable. They are welded on the drum from the factory.
As you can see in the picture of the linked web page, the hub and studs are attached to the inside of the drum. They look like welded together.
Oh, I see. There are bolts #52752, 51752 behind the hub inside the drum and wheel bearing #52714. I may try to remove the bolts and the hub, but I am not sure about the wheel bearing.
Oh, no. The wheel bearing is attached to the hub, right?

Other cars have a hub and studs attached to the back plate together with brake shoes, but this car has hubs and studs attached to the inside the drum.

Sorry, #52752 is the stud. The hub may have been welded to the drum? When I remove the drum, the hub and studs come off together.
Here is the Wheel Tire Eye Automotive tire Camera lens
inside of the drum.

You can see the hub, studs and wheel bearings attached on the drum. Other cars have hub and studs attached on the backing plate.
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I have a Chilton's repair manual for Hyundai. I am posting drum brake diagrams of Elantra and Sonata. You will see what I am talking about if you compare two.
View attachment scan0002.pdf
That diagram is missing a backing plate for brake shoes.
It looks like the hub and studs are attached to the inside of the drum for Elantra, while other cars have them attached to the backing plate and knuckle.
Today I removed the drum and looked it up. Yes, the hub and the studs were attached inside of the drum, but they came off easily after I tapped it a few times with a hammer. The drum was regular drum and it was not a particular one. Many thanks to the members who tried to help me out. I measured the old drum and it still looks O.K. I compared it to the new one I bought from Autozone. The inside diameter was same 8". Maybe I don't need to replace it, but it only needs machining. However, I have decided to use a new one because I don't want any more trouble with the drum brake.
Believe it or not, I have never changed rear brake shoes or drums since I bought the car in 2003. The odometer hit 315,000 miles.
Of course, the inside of the drum looks awful and lining was almost gone, but it didn't squeak.
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