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Where can I buy brake drums?

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I need to replace my '03 gls rear brake shoes very soon. The problem I have is to replace the drums also because it exceeded 8" ID service limit. The drum has studs embedded and I can't find such replacement drums. I searched online and all I could find was ones without studs. Where can I buy Elantra drums?
Believe it or not, I have never changed the rear brake shoes since I purchased my car in 2003. The mileage is now over 314, 000 miles.
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danielelee, what do you think keeps the drum and wheel on the car if the studs are attached to the drum?

Do you have a picture of your drum off the car?
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Here's the only thing they show for your car on Hyundai Online Parts

Maybe it will help.

Have you checked with a dealer parts department? Maybe they know something the rest of us don't.
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That diagram is missing a backing plate for brake shoes.
It looks like the hub and studs are attached to the inside of the drum for Elantra, while other cars have them attached to the backing plate and knuckle.

That diagram is for the hub, so they don't show the backing plate and shoes, etc for clarity.
That diagram shows the the hub is a seperate piece from the drum. The studs are pressed into the hub and attached to the spindle.
Glad it all worked out for you.
You are probably better off replacing the drums.
It's cheap insurance.
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