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who here have tib gt caliper+sonata rotor?

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I just want to know who have this combo and how it is??
I did search.. and it might be good time for me to change my caliper and rotor... I'm thinking about doing this set up...:rolleyes:
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i buy 2005 sonata rotors. have the 2 or 3 times i changed them.

but id bring a tape measure with u just in case anyways, so u can measure the rotors accross, and make sure u check if its 4 bolt... OBV lol

and it shouldnt matter if its abs or not, i dont have abs, and never checked which rotors i was buying as long as they fit.

the calipers i got from Jim are from a 2003 tiburon i believe, lets wait for him to verify.

and id go with the hawk tiburon brakes. ive had nothing but bad luck with EBC tibby pads.

the calipers jim sent me were used, and worked perfectly fine. the rotors id prolly get new, but if u cant afford new, then some used ones in good shape will work too.
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Why have you had to change the rotors so much?

bcuz i over heat them, run thru puddles... and many other things, that warps them, like any other rotor.
I see.

So am I right guys, does me not having ABS matter for this swap?

Also, what's the best place to buy these parts?

This is some good info, because I would also like to do this.
I have the redrilled Tibby rotors. Only difference is that the Sonata rotors are a mere 2mm thinner than the Tiburon rotors. I think not having ABS is better....but that's just my opinion. I would check NT forums as people are either parting out wrecked cars or just getting rid of their stock brakes after upgrading. I've seen them pretty cheap over there. I also have OEM Tiburon pads that have about 5 miles of use on them before I switched to HAWK HPS pads....if anyone is interested. I'll be starting a parts list in the Market place section this weekend.
I don't care ABS/non-ABS in general, I'm just wondering if it matters getting Sonata ABS rotors on a non-ABS Elantra.

Do they fit with OEM 15" wheels or do you need something larger?
They've been tested to fit under both the GT Alloys and the steel wheels. To get them to fit under the GT alloys you might need to have pads that aren't brand new.

Thanks Tricked. I'll never buy anything again from someone on NT since I got ripped off last time, I'm going to look to buy new (I forgot my local junkyard doesn't have any GK Tibs).

One of the sponsors of there is decent. Mile After Mile, I think that's the name. He has good prices and ships promptly. I've dealt with him before.
I'll be doing this EXACT thing this weekend. Ordered Tib calipers, Sonata rotors and Tib pads, $225 for all new. Took yesterday off to go watch the grand am test at IMS, smoked the Swift's ECU and the parts all showed up. So I'll let you know how it feels.
So, I think I want to do this mod/upgrade.

One thing that confuses me with all these threads is that they say the 2004 Sonata 11" rotors have to be the ABS ones. I don't know how this works since I have a non-ABS Elantra. Does it not matter at all?

So if it doesn't matter I simply need:

2 11" Sonata ABS rotors from a 2004 Sonata
2 Tiburon calipers from a ?year? Tiburon
2 Tiburon brake pads (EBC or Hawk)

Should I buy the rotors and calipers new? Can the calipers be used and still work?
you n00bie!

its a STICKY

and the video is of YOUR GT wheel on my brakes at the PGH meet. YOUR WHEEL! theres a parts list on that page of what you need.
Haha, yeah I know, I saw that thread (among the many others). I was more worried about the ABS thing and about new/used parts.

Bob, can you let me know where you ordered the parts from? Thanks.

I could, but then I'd have to kill you. I got them through my work discounted rate. All Napa Parts. Retail on them (what you'd pay in the store) are about $400 or so. I swiped the card for $250 with brake fluid, brake cleaner and some oil for the Accent.
there are ebay vendors like R1 concepts and Rotoworks that has rotors (drilled and slotted) with pads for a decent price.
Thanks Bob, it's all good. Plus I don't want you to kill me. Thanks Derek, I'll look into that.

Bob, looking forward to hearing what you think about this combo.

What do you guys think of these options?

Tiburon calipers (right, and left, used):

Is that all I need? Some of the other caliper photos include more parts (or what looks like more parts).

Sonata rotors:

I want OEM looking ones, nothing slotted or drilled.

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calipers look fine. take them and clamp them in a vice, and get a wire brush bit for a drill, sand them down real nice, then paint them black or whatever color you want

when you get rotors, if you're going to upgrade, might as well get something slotted. dont worry about drilled rotors for DD. it takes a lot of surface contact area away from hitting the pads.
yeah unless you really need to prevent heat...slotted will be fine...if not just go to advance..the have them for like 30 bucks
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