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who here have tib gt caliper+sonata rotor?

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I just want to know who have this combo and how it is??
I did search.. and it might be good time for me to change my caliper and rotor... I'm thinking about doing this set up...:rolleyes:
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I have slotted on my Sentra and I love them. The greatly reduce fade on stock brakes. And what was already said, don't do cross drilled for a DD.
I must be a noob, because I couldn't find any JUST slotted Sonata 11" rotors online anywhere. They are either both, or neither.

Made the Swap Saturday morning. Very easy. Direct bolt on. Word of caution: Do NOT buy SE pads if you aren't using SE calipers. They do not fit.

Here's my impressions.....

Initial bite is soft. Remember I am coming from Hawk HPS pads to "normal" off the shelf Ceramic pads from NAPA. But the pedal feel is FANTASTIC. THe pedal is very progressive, a patient foot can threshold brake MUCH easier now and the actual stopping power is fantastic.In the past, once the hawks locked, it was hard to modulate the pedal enough to get them to unlock and still slow you down. That is no longer a problem. Feel takes time to get used to and trust, but after the break in they just get better and better.

Definately worth the money I invested.Now it's time to see how LONG they last. Pics:


side by side

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nice...looks like a sizeable increase...

btw nice rims...
Good stuff Bob.

The rotors I linked to on the previous page are "OParts" brand. Is there any real difference between the various no-name brands?

i have them on my 05 elantra. any Q's about them ? when i sell my car i wont tell the new owner about the swap, let him figure it out ;)
I think I have to pass on this for now (and instead just get new brake pads and new tires which will take all my money).

So, eight years later, and I am bringing this back to life.

So, I might just pass on the XG350 calipers. I am thinking of doing 04 Sonata 11" rotors with 04 Sonata calipers. At least I know that way there won't be any gap between the brake pads and rotors.

Are the Tiburon calipers and the Sonata calipers the same size? Why do people use Sonata rotors with Tiburon calipers and not Sonata rotors and calipers?
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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