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I have a 2005 Elantra GLS manual shift car that's pushing 190k miles. It's still in great shape and I want to keep it going. Right now I'm stumped by this problem. A few months ago the master power door lock switch quit unlocking the doors. it would lock them just fine, just not unlock. The passenger door lock would unlock them just fine.

A couple weeks ago the right rear window went down and wouldn't go up. There was no power from either switch in the up position, but it would go down just fine. I replace the switches, both the right rear and the big driver's master switch. All worked great when I finished, locks and windows, until I closed the door. Then everything went back to what it was before.

I then pulled out the fuse panel and swapped relays between the power windows and the rear defrosters because they are the same. All worked great until I shut the door.

Yesterday I whacked the side of the dash with my fist and gave it my best Fonzie, "AAAAAAAAYYYYY". It worked! I am a GENIUS. Then I closed the door. That's when I noticed the right rear window would go up and down when the driver's door was open, but only sometimes. Close it, no up.

I am beginning to think there is a connection. Or lack of connection. Could a wire be snapped in the door hinge area? Or am I missing something else?
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