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Would you work overtime for free?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 16.2%
  • No

    Votes: 88 83.8%

Would you work overtime for free?

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So this week (Monday-Sunday) I worked about 79 hours and it made me think about whether or not any of you would work about 35 extra hours a week without getting paid overtime? That's right, I worked all the extra hours for nothing. On top of that, I'm going to work this week with no days off until my regular Saturday and Sunday off. That's twelve days in a row.

So, would you work overtime for free?

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I've had an eleven day streak at my old job, but I was getting paid + I would do nothing for free that didn't pertain directly to my job and did not directly make my job easier. I hope your employer consider your loyalty and extra work unlike mine.
I voted no, although I have done before.

When you say "for free" do you mean, for your regular wage and not an increased figure, or actually...for FREE? I seriously hope that it's not the latter.
ive done it before, and it sucks payday, but then again it was a job that i liked (working at the airport). i would have to say no unless it is something that you truly feel is something enjoyable and dont do it for the money
Not only no...but hell no! Unless the barter system kicks in and there is beer involved. Now that kinda "free" work I do
Yes, I'm salary and do it all the time. Not because I'm required, but because I'd be bored to tears otherwise.
Nothing is for free in this world, including me working overtime.
Been there. Done that. Got the attaboy and nothing more.
this week I went to a class for my work 8 hours wed, 8 hours thurs, and 2 hours fri and drove 2 hours to and from Ohio each way.

Then started my normal work week of friday 10am-11pm, sat 8am-11pm, sun 8am-11pm.

I get 8 hours paid holiday for presidents day.

All together 70 hours. 30 overtime

Now i work mon - thurs 1-11

I repair atms for Diebold

I Never work for free
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Yes, I would and I do.
If I enjoy the job, why not? - that's my reasoning.
I am a firefighter for the city of New Berlin...... After my shift is over i stay at the firehouse.... i love my job so much i volunteer anytime i get!!
if it was for a good cause then yes...if it was just some fast food joint then no
It was part of the gig when I signed on, salary. Plus I do love my job, I would just be messing with a pc at home if I wasn't at work.
I work 22 hours a week and you can't pay me enough to work overtime. My free time is too valuable. I could be dead tomorrow, I'm not wasting another minute at work.
I definitely meant, I got paid for my 45 hours like usual, then the other time was for free. Every spring we participate in the Capital Home and Garden Show ( ... if you go to the Features page you see we were a show feature, ooohhhh ahhhh) and I help out in various ways so I work longer hours than pretty much everyone. I do this kind of thing so that if I ever need a day off here or there it's a lot easier to ask, because the boss knows I'm not asking off just because. Also, after the last one I got a raise for my "hard work and dedication" or something so that's another thing.

The worst part is that I haven't done my real job since Wednesday so there is going to be a bunch of customers calling and calling and calling today. It's going to suck.

Yup... its a fact of life in some jobs. You might not see any actual money directly for the overtime but expect it to pay off when annual reviews, pay raises and promotions come around... if they don't it's probably time for another job. On the other hand it also helps with job security
We have 3 stages of overtime where i work The first stage is like an extra 8 hours added to an already happening shift.... in that case we are paid 1.5X/hour for the first 4 hours and 2X/hour for the last 4 hours. The second is our extra days off due to working 12 hour shifts.... on these days if we are called in we only get 1.5X/hour....The third is on our designated days off... like my actual schedule is based on a 7 on 3 off 7 on 4 off set up... so on the 3 or 4 that are designated off i get double time for the whole thing 8 hour or 12 hour shift. So basically working overtime for nothing...I wouldn't even consider it... most times i won;t even go in if it is only time and a half... i need double to make it worth my time....

oh and then there is the elusive double time and a half which only occurs on stat holidays sometimes....

And as for promotions and pay raises We don;t really have those it is all controlled by the union and not by the employer so i am pretty much done my climb to the top and i have only worked at this job for 4 years now... oh and i pretty much would have to kill someone to get fired....
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That elusive double time and a half, I used to get it at the hardware store I worked at in Australia (Bunnings for all those interested. Actually my favourite job I've ever had!). Days like boxing day and new years day were up around 50-60 an hour depending on your age. Crazy.
Man, I have and would never work for free, unless it's just an alaby to hook up with your boss' daughter :)

KeWLKaT said:
Man, I have and would never work for free, unless it's just an alaby to hook up with your boss' daughter :)


i have worked for free...but not really by was about the weather...and i was stuck...technically...i'm off the clock...but when the kids started to wyle out!! i stepped in and had to write mad reports afterwards...owell...

but like james looks good to the higher ups...and its good work ethic..something i think the good ol USA has lost :rolleyes:
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