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WTB:2003 stock intake

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i just got back from the dealer.. and they want $150! for the hose that connects the throttle body to the intake air filter box! WTF! please someone help me outtt! i only need it to pass smog! someone lemme barrow or trade or buy! something please someone help me !!!
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Try another dealer.
Pete doesn't know anything about cars. You'd fail the visual. You circled 3 pieces there. Maybe they think you need a new MAF too and that's why they want $150?
please explain to me, ricer, how i dont know anything? ****ing enlighten me. asshole.
Because you are telling her that she's going to pass. You are going to cost her money when she goes, they charge her for the test, pop the hood, and fail her on the spot. She needs to have it stock in order to pass the visual.
You've really never heard people *****ing about how strict cali emissions testing is?
It's not carb legal for the elantra though, so you still might have problems.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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