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XD2 Front Brake Upgrade.. Rotors + Calipers..

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I want to get this done here within the next few months, so I'm starting to look around an so far the results are good...

I have found brand new 2004 sonata rotors for $52.99, and I have found the 2003 Tiburon GT brake calipers (remanufactured) for $53.99 both on autozone's website..

For just a hair over $200, it seems like a good deal to me!
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Looks great . Nice attention to details .
Thanks dudes! Originally i was going to paint the Hyundai logo but a high quality vinyl worked, i tested it by putting a plastic band-aid on the caliper and it melted after a run through the hills.. Haha
Where did you got the stickers ?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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